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All You Need to Know About Aeroponic Tower Gardens

by Terrell

An aeroponic tower garden is a planting system that suspends plant roots in the air within a tower garden and provides all necessary growth nutrients through specialized water. This method of planting doesn’t require the use of soil, which makes it an easy and convenient planting system.

This intriguing concept offers numerous benefits and advantages that are not readily attainable with soil-based gardens, such as ease of use and maintenance and more yield. Here are some things you need to know about Aeroponic tower gardens.

How does Aeroponics work?

The concept of Aeroponics involves the suspension of plant roots in the air, which are doused with nutrients rich atomized water solutions that helps the plants grow. The leaves and stem are supported by the tower structure which is usually a closed or semi-closed space. The structure helps to keep pests and diseases out of the plant environment. This helps the plants grow faster and healthier than soil-grown plants.

Although the system is easy to operate, proper care must be taken to ensure your tower garden is in perfect health. An important aspect is to ensure that the appropriate pH level is maintained in the tower at all times to ensure that the plans are in a conducive environment for growth.

Types of Aeroponic Tower Garden Systems

Aeroponic tower garden systems come in different types, and they differ from one another in their method of operation.

Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics

This Aeroponic tower garden system is also known as fogponics and it is characterized by the use of an ultrasonic fogger to vaporize water.

High-Pressure Aeroponics

This requires the use of very high pressure to vaporize water. This Aeroponic tower garden system is mainly used for commercial production because it is more expensive than other types of tower garden systems.

Low-pressure Aeroponics

This system only requires low pressure and is much easier to set up and use. A low-pressure Aeroponics tower garden system is mainly used by people who enjoy planting as a hobby. This is because it is readily available and convenient to set up and use.

Commercial Aeroponics

There are also commercial systems that combine biological systems, like modifications for extended plant lifespan and many others, with high-pressure Aeroponic systems. It is not necessarily a major type of aeroponics, but one created and adapted for specific purposes.

What can you grow in an Aeroponic tower garden?

You can grow various fruits and vegetables in an Aeroponic tower garden. The best part is that you can grow your plants at any time of the year irrespective of the season. Plants like tomato, okra, pepper, lettuce, microgreens, mustard, mint, collards, spices, and herbs of all kinds can be grown in an Aeroponic tower garden.


The study and practice of Aeroponics can be traced as far back as 1911 and have continued to develop to what we have today. In the 21st century, Aeroponics has been used for NASA research, biopharming, space projects, and other scientific achievements. In the future, Aeroponic tower gardens will be used to attain more scientific feats while creating a better platform for planting and growing food both within and outside our planet.

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