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Complete UWELL Products Buyers Guide

by Terrell

A pod cape can be termed a portable electronic cigarette. However, it works with the help of vape pods. The vape pods by uwell are nothing but convertible cartridges which can be changed by the user of their own choice. Nowadays there are several different types of vape pods on the market. However, some vapes have power buttons on them but some also have an automatic characteristic. And if the audience is giving thought to such incredible electronic cigarettes then they can trust UWELL in this matter.

The upcoming segments of the article will convey some important features of vape pods. Along with these, it will also provide an idea about some of the electronic cigarette merchandise which one can buy from UWELL.

What To Look For In A Vape Pod?

What All the features should be there in a vape pod so that the customer can opt for it without giving any second thought? However, this segment of the article will furnish all kinds of information about it.

Pod Battery Life

The battery life of the pod should be the main checking point before buying it. As the battery capacity will determine how long the customers can use it. If a pod has a battery life of 400-600 mAh then the buyers can easily go for it.

Is It Refillable Or a Pre-filled (Closed) Pod?

The main benefit of the refillable pod is that the customer can reuse it after filling the flavor of it. However, it can also be considered a money-saving product. On the other hand in the pre-filled pod the customers can’t reuse it and also allows the users to taste different flavors in the same pod.

Pod Activation Style

Before buying a vape pod, the buyers should look into the pod activation style. This means that the buyer should absorb the way he is going to activate the pod before using it.

Price & User’s Budget

The above refillable and pre-filled point speaks about which one should be the pocket-friendly pod for the buyers.

Vape Product Suggestions

This segment of the blog will suggest some of the products which can act as one the best ones for the customers.

Yearn Neat 2

This product has the draw-activated feature which will help for direct vaping. However, it also has some magnetized connectors which make the connecting process easier. And the major point is that it has a long battery capacity along with the Type-C charging facility.

Havok V1

This product has replaceable meshed coils with fast charging with Type-c and an adjustable airflow feature.

Aeglos H2

This product has adjustable airflow with a rotatable feature along with self-cleaning technology.

Whirl T1

It is an easy-to-carry product because of its lightweight. However, this product has an adjustable airflow feature.


This product has fast charging with a Type-C port and a portable charging case. However, at the same time, the users can carry 3 pods on it.


UWELL is such a company that was founded in 2015, in the market as a brand that can put its innovative thoughts into action. However, they also have accomplished so and came up with some diverse kinds of electronic cigarettes.

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